Insolvency Support Case Study: Building a Case

Although we like to have full access to a company’s records, sometimes the information we require is not available. However, even with limited information we can still make a difference to the outcome of an insolvency.

Service Provided: Post-Construction – Insolvency support

The Client: Cooper & Hall acted for the liquidator of an interior fit-out contractor. The director advised that one of his clients owed a substantial sum in respect of materials and work the company had supplied on several projects. The debtor denied that any sum was owed.


Our Role: The company did not provide the records Cooper & Hall needed to evidence such a claim, a substantial part of which was for the value of materials delivered to site. Cooper & Hall contacted the suppliers, who were also creditors in the liquidation, and they provided copy delivery notes and invoices.

The Outcome: This information allowed Cooper & Hall to substantiate a claim against the debtor in excess of £100,000 and resulted in the liquidator reaching an acceptable commercial settlement with the debtor.

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