Construction Phase Services

Our Construction Phase Quantity Surveying services are offered either in full or in part at the client’s discretion, to Private Clients, Property Developers, Property Managers, Main Contractors, and Subcontractors.

They include: 

Commercial Management 

Contract Administration

Project Management 

Claims Preparation/Assessment 

Dispute Avoidance                                                                                                                            

Commercial Management

Following formalisation and agreement of the terms and conditions of a building contract, we provide a commercial management service to include:

  • The control, measurement and monitoring of client spending on labour, plant, materials, subcontractors, site attendance and preliminary cost heads throughout the project.
  • Monitoring the project design for changes in value, obtaining written instructions for variations.
  • Issue of notices under the contract terms, to cover delay, payment, payless, default, suspension and termination.
  • Submission of interim applications for payment in line with the contract, including the value of works fixed, materials on-site and off-site and any variations, followed by the preparation and submission of the Final Account, covering contract works, the value of variations, loss, expense and retention.
  • Application for extension of time and loss and/or expense due to delays and/or disruption.
  • Issuing of full tender enquiries to subcontractors, then working with client to evaluate tenders and award subcontracts.
  • Provide order documentation to subcontractors covering order value and T&Cs. Measure and value completed works and issue payment certificates to subcontractors.

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Contract Administration

At Cooper & Hall we aim for the smooth running of a project by ensuring our client and all parties to the building contract know their duties and responsibilities.

This involves us in administering all drawings, specifications, notices, approvals and permissions, along with payments to contractors in good time, to meet the project schedule and budget.

Members of the C&H team regularly visit the site to keep abreast of progress. Any problems are handled efficiently and fairly, avoiding dispute by making best use of the skills of the project team.

Project Management

C&H offer to manage and organise all events that make up a construction project.

By generating a programme of activity with the client and contractor, both off-site and on-site, we are able to monitor the progress and quality of work and deal with practical day-to-day issues.

This service includes sourcing the right contractors, obtaining approvals and permissions from designers and regulatory bodies, along with sequencing trades and jobs. We see to it that adequate risk assessments and method statements are produced by the contractor.

C&H implement a competent level of record taking with which to assess progress on site and oversee the project until satisfactory completion of the contract works, including all testing and commissioning.

Claims Preparation

If loss and expense are incurred during the construction phase of a project, C&H work with the client to establish the cause and whether there are grounds for a valid recovery under the contract.

The team then use their knowledge of the industry to prepare a case, looking at breaches of contract, establishing site record taking, gathering financial information and submitting written notices of dispute.

If a claim from another party is received, C&H will review and advise on a defence or counterclaim.

Dispute Avoidance and Resolution

C&H can act independently to review a client’s contractual position, advising on the merits of a claim, and looking to engineer a negotiated solution by bringing all sides together. Our staff are experienced in construction mediation, adjudication and arbitration proceedings.

If all communication fails, we may advise taking a formal dispute route and represent accordingly.


Director Responsible: Graham Hall