Corporate Recovery

Corporate Recovery & Associated Services

Insolvency practitioners turn to Cooper & Hall to provide a complete understanding of the workings of businesses in the construction industry.
When investigating insolvencies, our people can find their way around the most complex contractual and financial arrangements. We know all the tricks of the trade – and a few more besides!
We take a practical approach to problem-solving to help businesses continue trading. Furthermore, our network of contacts can provide financing solutions to assist companies overcome cash flow difficulties.

Banks & Financial Institutions

Organisations that fund businesses in the construction sector need to know their money is secure. Cooper & Hall’s time-served understanding of the industry means we can provide financial institutions with a comprehensive insight into the business practices of contractors. Our support allows detailed, accurate risk assessments to be made, backed by follow-up monitoring and auditing to see that investments remain secure.
C&H gets under the skin of a business to uncover the facts behind management practices, systems and staff training. Potential lenders get a clear picture of:

  • current trading, work in progress, debts and retentions
  • cash collection performance
  • contractual risks – both existing and planned
  • possible areas of concern, such as non-performance or potential disputes
  • an overall feel of the business and its management

Commercial Support Services

At Cooper & Hall we pride ourselves on unravelling complex debts and disputes, getting our hands dirty to understand day-to-day management systems and discover the true picture of a business.
Our commercial support services include:

  • risk assessments on contracts, warranties and performance bonds
  • day-to-day contractual advice and support
  • implementing valuation and payment mechanisms
  • advising on claims and dispute resolution
  • introducing companies to providers of third-party finance.

We dig deep in difficult cases to find achievable solutions, and then see them through to a successful outcome.

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