Posted: 2nd Apr 2024

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Senior Quantity Surveyors Sam Whitehouse and Mat Evans are qualified in offering the best protection and support to clients throughout a construction project.

The pair recently gained NEC4 ECC accreditation, giving them comprehensive project management skills to ensure jobs complete on time and within budget.

With NEC4 contracts increasingly used in the construction industry, Sam and Mat have a thorough understanding of obligations and responsibilities needed while communicating and collaborating with all those involved.

Sam said: “It’s about using our experience for the best interests of our clients. We know how to operate the contract, to avoid costly errors.”

Mat said: “This has expanded my existing knowledge, given me the ability to manage risk, to understand what is important and pay meticulous detail to day-to-day operations.

“I learned the hard way on my first NEC job! You can’t take any short cuts. You have to be thorough, go by the letter of the law. This is how we treat all our projects at Cooper & Hall.”

Mat’s journey towards qualification had an unexpected twist when wife Lucy gave birth to baby Connie prematurely at 24 weeks – just as he was about to start the self-study course.

“It was difficult with everything I had going on,” said Mat. “I was taking our three-year-old son Jude to and from nursery, while working and studying. Cooper & Hall were fantastic in reducing my hours while I got through it.

“When I learned I had passed I was jumping for joy!”

For advice and guidance on NEC4 contracts contact Sam or Mat on 01937 420500.