Dispute Resolution & Dispute Avoidance

Our Dispute Avoidance & Dispute Resolution Services include:

Contractual and Commercial advice, support and services generally

Assisting in Tendering, including reviewing Tender documentation and Qualifying Tenders/Quotations

Drafting and Risk Assessing Contract terms and conditions

Negotiating Contract terms and conditions

Administration of the Contract, including preparation of Applications, Final Accounts and Claims

Dispute Resolution advice and representation

Getting the best deal for subcontractors

At Cooper & Hall we know that our clients’ focus is on achieving the end result that they intended when tendering for the work (i.e. delivering the job they committed to deliver and realising the margin they estimated).

Generally, we find our clients do not treat the contract terms and conditions with the attention they require and, as such, only find out how detrimental these are when they are used against them, usually as a means of withholding payment. It is usually the case that they do not want to contest the terms that are issued as part of a counter-offer for fear of ‘losing the job’.

After years of working alongside our clients, we understand the services that they require in order to avoid the adverse financial effects of poorly qualified tenders and adverse contract terms and conditions.

As we always advise our clients, it’s less painful and significantly less expensive to avoid a dispute in the first place by following simple processes. However, where a dispute arises, we have a highly experienced and qualified team to represent our clients in any formal dispute resolution process that may be required.

Dispute Avoidance

Cooper & Hall advises clients from the outset of negotiations, ensuring they have a contract that is as fairly balanced and close to a Standard Form as possible.

Preparing well-qualified tenders/quotations and having this information carried forward into the contract means the subcontractor can commence each project without fear of the unknown and inevitable financial implications.

C&H can also administer the contract, allowing our clients to get on with what they do best knowing they are not going to end up out of pocket due to a failure to adhere to the requirements of the contract. 

Dispute Resolution

If Cooper & Hall is engaged as early as possible, the client is guaranteed honest advice from people who are experienced in pressing for the right result for their clients.

While disputes are always best avoided in the first place. C&H works with clients to ensure this. If however, a dispute does arise, our clients know they can rely on us to support them and get the best outcome regardless of the circumstances.





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