C&H Founders’ 25 Years Together

Posted: February 20th 2018

Future plans: Graham Hall (left) and Phil Cooper



Phil Cooper and Graham Hall worked together at the same company for 10 years before joining in partnership to create Cooper & Hall. That time spent working together forged in them the core values of mutual respect, honest hard work, and integrity, with a desire to get the best possible outcome for clients. It is those core values that still drive the pair today and have made Cooper & Hall a successful and highly respected player in the industry.

The partnership was formed 15 years ago, and Graham and Phil have since then steadily built a thriving Chartered Professional Quantity Surveying consultancy, which provides a range of services to clients across many areas of construction. The company’s current mix of experienced hands and young, growing professionals all maintain the same no-nonsense approach that always brings results.

“We have fantastic people working here who live by the values on which we built the business,” said Graham. “We treat our clients’ money as if it was our own.”

“For us, some things never change, whatever the demands of the industry. We pride ourselves on getting all the information needed to professionally service and represent our clients – and that’s what they like about us. We are persistent, like a dog with a bone.”

Phil said: “A lot of our work is repeat business, which tells you what people think of us. Cooper & Hall has grown on reputation. We have a skilled team of 18 who continue to give a thorough, forensic, value-for-money service.”